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Welcome to Amani

We are a PvE/PvP raiding guild. Our PvP raiding includes Wintergrasp, Alliance City raids, and participating in Battlegrounds and Arena. We are looking for members level 60+ to join us for WotLK raiding such as Daily Roic running, 10-man and 25-man Naxx, OS, EoE, and Uldar. We also do pre-BC and BC raiding as well.

  If you are applying via this website, please send an in-game mail message to our Guild Master Zaryos or Raid Leader Valkeria so we can review it as soon as possible.

You can check important information to the left and look around in our forums. Things will be updated as we continue to grow.

If you are a member registering to the site, please use your character's name so we know who you are. If not, please make sure you send an in-game mail to Zaryos stating the screen name you are using.
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